Employee Recognition Coins

Employee recognition has long been a cornerstone of effective management. But today, as the competition for talent escalates, how organizations value their employees has become more important than ever. 
Employee recognition helps to retain top talent, Increase employee engagement and encourage high performance.
Recognition that arrives months after the fact isn’t nearly as meaningful as recognition received promptly.
Beyond a bonus or a raise, consider customized gifts.
If your Employee is offered a Unique Designed Recognition Coin, Rest assured that It will carried in their possession to show to the other employee's. Everyone brag's about their accomplishments, right?

Business Advertising Coins

If your Business is advertised in a Newspaper or Flyer, it will ultimately be discarded. If your Business is advertised by a Professional Designed Coin it is never thrown away. It may sit in a vehicle or be placed on a desk at home, but every glance at the Coin will remind them that they were your Customer.
Company Coins can make a positive impression at first sight for your brand and will help your company more attractive than other competitors.

military unit coins

Collecting coins has become a way of life for some and a great conversation piece for others. Each coin has a story. Each story has a way of making former services member remember their time spent in a unit or relive their deeds or actions done. The Unit Coin is not a mere token but a source of pride for today’s military member at any level, whether they be Enlisted or Officer.
The bottom line is that a Unit Coin is presented  as tradition of honor, and you should treat it like one.