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Eddy Boisjoly

6 Jan 2022

I am very grateful to Spirit of the Coin and John for his extraordinary efforts and customer service in creating this stunning PERI COIN for me and, even more importantly, for all my former colleges and friends.
As a former PERI, I reached out to John about designing a custom PERI coin. After a few weeks of discussions, we bounced around to different ideas and made probably 6-7 designs before arriving at the final version. The level of detail in the piece is impressive and I have received amazing reviews from everyone who has received it.
After such a positive experience, I plan on using John to make more purchases of his items in the future.
It is rare to meet such dedicated and trustworthy people such as John. I now consider him to be a friend.
Thanks again! 

Je suis très reconnaissant à Spirit of the Coin pour ses efforts et son extraordinaire service à la clientèle dans la création de ce superbe PERI COIN pour moi et, encore plus important, pour tous mes anciens collèges et amis. En tant qu'ancien PERI, j'ai fait appel à John pour la conception d'une pièce PERI personnalisée. Après quelques semaines de discussions, nous nous sommes penchés sur différentes idées et nous avons probablement réalisé 6 à 7 créations avant de parvenir à la version finale.
Le degré de détail de la pièce PERI est impressionnant et j'ai reçu des critiques extraordinaires de tous ceux qui l'ont reçues. Après une telle expérience positive, je projette de faire appel à John et de faire encore de nouveaux achats de ses produits à l'avenir.
Merci mille fois
PS; Il est rare de rencontrer des personnes aussi dévouées et dignes de confiance. 

julianno scaglione


I received and amazing contribution to my company by John. He was great to work with and really helped in the design process of a very special coin. These coins will be given to clients who display life altering changes to their fitness, nutrition, health, mental state and resilience. I would like to thank John for all his hard work to make these special coins and I highly recommend him if you are looking for coins for your organization!